Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Top 7 Content Writing Tricks

Here are the prominent reporting tricks I have found in ten years of my journalism career. They may work for you, also. Try them and let me know.

Pictures are an authoritative source of content:
Human's right brain thinks in terms of pictures, and they  interpret ideas from them. This procedure transpires so quick that you do not take notice of it. 

Make  good Draft:
If the first draft's horrible, excellent! It is meant to be. It is just raw material. But if the first draft is n't created by you, or you wait until you've got a truly amazing thought, then you are wrong.

Start Writing:
If you spend hours thinking too much while you compose it is another mistake, you need to correct. Go with the Flow, start writing.

List our Ideas:
Listing down ideas is a kind of brainstorming. Your writing grows, and it is fun. Listing is an excellent technique irrespective of what we write ( whether it is fiction or nonfiction)

Meet your friend The Thesaurus:
Your most useful listing tool is your brain, however dictionary and your thesaurus are perfect kick starters.

Compose with your Hand first:
You will find that if you compose at least a page by hand, you will feel concentrated and relaxed for the remainder of the day.

Keep Questioning your Ideas:
Let's say that you are composing a novel. It must be difficult for you and you may have to fight with it for weeks. Keep going and question your initial ideas, you will come up with an excellent piece of writing.